BlaBlaOffice is the first portal dedicated to those who want to work freely and on the move. But not only … are you a professional who often moves throughout Europe? Do you need a space or an office where you can meet your customers and conclude your business?

It’s time to renew yourself and show all your professionalism in a new space.

On BlaBlaOffice you can find any type of office and studio, even for a day … and you can find just about everything: accountants, lawyers, physiotherapists, laboratories, dentists etc.

It’s very easy: consult the ads, choose the office or studio you like best, book and enjoy the pleasure of a new space.

There is no need for long and tedious registration to consult the ads. All ads are immediately usable.

Remember that all the advertisements show the features available for each office, if for example, it is possible to receive customers, if a PC is available, wifi or wired network, beds and electro-medical equipment, etc.

Who are the advertisers

Our advertisers are professionals who have decided to share their spaces and tools with other people. The purpose is common both for the advertiser and for the end user: it consists in amortization of the management costs of an office or a studio, while allowing the end user to use a space without running costs of utilities. , ideal for those who start their professional activity, for those who work occasionally or for those who simply want to save.

Furthermore, there are professional realities whose activity is precisely that of creating coworking, that is, collective spaces equipped for work, and renting them.

So on BlaBlaOffice you will find pure coworking activities, accountants, lawyers, surveyors, architects, engineers, videomakers, physiotherapists, dentists etc ..

Register your coworking on BlaBlaOffice

Registering on BlaBlaOffice is easy, cheap and guarantees to be found on the web. Are you willing to invest thousands of euros for your coworking? We do. With everyone’s help. We use 55% of the registration fee in advertising.

Technical information:

The BlaBlaOffice portal is made with free software and is hosted in the best European datacenters. Your data is encrypted and backed up every hour. BlaBlaOffice is GDPR compliant!

What Google Page Speed and Pingdom Website Speed ​​Test says about us :

I just tested with the Full Page test in Pingdom Tools.

This specific test was done on August 16. The web page took 490 ms to load , used 17 requests, and weighed in at 1.0 MB.

The Google Page Speed ​​performance grade for this web page is 92/100.

In addition, maximum IT security is offered!

Become part of the best coworking portal: BlaBlaOffice .


Registering on BlaBlaOffice has no cost. To publish an announcement, an annual subscription via paypal is required. The amount equal to the chosen subscription will be automatically deducted every year. There are NO and will never be additional or hidden costs. If you no longer want to renew your subscription, you can cancel it independently from your PayPal account or by sending us an email to

How we use your money:

In line with the ideologies of coworking and office sharing, we know very well that a group of people who share a common goal can achieve the impossible. Cooperation is based on the profound conviction that no one can reach the goal if not all of them reach it and the results of an organization are the results of the combined effort of each individual.

For this BlaBlaOffice invests 55% of your share in advertising on all search engines and in traditional advertising. For you and for everyone.

In our work we have to pay our employees and our infrastructures always at the top of technology and performance. For this we spend 35% of your registration fee on BlaBlaOffice.

The remaining 10% is our gross income. From this fee we comply with all tax obligations and help all coworkers and coworkers with our do-it-yourself guides.

Now that it’s clear, fill out the ad and choose from our three annual publishing services:

  • STANDARD (Price and value without promotion 250 euros.)Only today with PROMO BLABLADISCOUNT 100 euros.
  • BUSINESS (Price and value without promotion 550 euros.)Only today with PROMO BLABLADISCOUNT 200 euros.
  • PREMIUM (Price and value without promotion 750 euros.)Only today with PROMO BLABLADISCOUNT 350 euros.
Annual subscription
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UNLIMITED photo gallery
Appointment calendar. Your customers can book directly from your ad.
Management of availability and prices. Simple and intuitive interface with which you can inform in real time the availability situation.
Payment integration. Your customers can book and pay directly from your listing with credit cards or Paypal.

Choose the subscription and join BlaBlaOffice.

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